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Expensive, more expensive, Munich

DPATeurer south, cheaper East: An index compares how high rents and property prices in Germany. Munich for housing is therefore very expensive. What is the average price in your area? Check it out on an interactive map.

Hamburg – Nowhere prices and rents for real estate is so high as in the Free State of Bavaria. This shows a study by the Institute for Housing Research and Consulting, Real Estate and Environment (F + B). Accordingly, people in the district of Munich have to shell out their apartments and houses more than twice the national average usual.

ANZEIGEFür study has evaluated the R & B, the price of condominiums, single-and two-family homes and twin and row houses. The prices were combined with the trends of new contract and inventory of rental apartments and the yield values of apartment buildings. Such a script is created, the “statements about the whole housing market allows,” says Julian Wartenberg of R & B.

The national average, the index value is 100 If you want, on that basis to the counties into it to see how expensive it lives in the comparison. For example, for Frankfurt is the value at 156.6 – and about 57 percentage points above the national average.

The study suggests that the eight most expensive counties and cities are all located in Bavaria. Also behind it dominates the south. With Hamburg followed by the first northern German city in the ranking of the most expensive regions in the first rank 22

ANZEIGEAm is the cheapest price and rent levels in East Germany. So people pay Görlitz in Saxony, on average four times less than in the district of Munich. It must be considered, however, that there are even large variations within each city – for example, rents in the Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg is significantly higher than in Marzahn.

€ can be expressed in the overall index, because different species have been compiled by real estate. In each area there are also significant differences. For example, the land prices in Neuvertragsmieten for a 75-square-meter apartment on the national average of 2004-2010 have increased from 6 € to 6.30 €. In the same period, land prices fell for single-family homes in the national average of 1670 at 1640 €.

All tested types of real estate together, prices remained relatively stable 2004-2009 – but in 2010 they rose in the national average by almost three percent. “From a macroeconomic perspective, this is certainly also due to that measured in recent quarters, the economy, the development of the gross domestic product, grew strongly, while mortgage rates have fallen – one for the demand for real estate very favorable constellation”, say the experts R & B.

How much real estate and rents are in your home compared to the national average? From North Frisia to the Upper Allgäu – all the info in a map of the Republic.


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